ILFORD DELTA 400 120/400

ฟิล์มขาวดำ Ilford Delta 400 Professional 120 film ฟิล์มขนาด 120 Medium Format Made in England


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a high-speed, panchromatic black and white film with a nominal sensitivity ISO 400/27°. Fine grain and superior sharpness are features of Delta 400. Refined “core-shell” crystal technology enables exceptional image quality with excellent sharpness and fine grain. The film is easy to expose and process. Delta 400 can also be used in situations when a medium-speed film would ordinarily be used. It is ideal for pictorial photography and artistic photography. Enlargements of this film are particularly fine grain and extremely sharp. Area of application: Portraiture, Fine Art, fashion, fast action, low-light conditions, situations where extra speed is advantageous



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